Small Aeration System A30 (Lab-scale/Small Production)

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AEROS Small Aeration System A30 (Lab-scale/Small Production)
We have specially designed Small aeration system A30 for bakery, confectionery and non-food catagories.  Included buffer tank& continuous aerating system. It could be lab-scale unit or small production. The machine can be installed independently for easy relocating working place. Machine guarantees special economy, durability, high performance, high quality, easy clean, save labour & place at reasonable prices. 
This system could apply for producing all kinds of bakery products, such as layer cake,  mini roll, cup cake, Muffin, cookies, egg drops, mousse, whipped cream, biscuit/wafer cream etc. Capacity will be depending on the recipe & specific gravity provided. 
Besides, It could also apply for confectionery products, such as marshmallow, chocolate and icecream etc.. For non-food application, you could use for testing all of the foaming product. E.g. Latex, Pillow etc..
Aeros Small Aeration System A30 Process Description
The process begins with, all ingredients will be pre-weighed and set ready for handling at each premix batch.  After starting the pre-mixer the ingredients will be manually fed into the pre-mixer at a rate and sequence as required for the specific recipe. Once the batch is pre-mixed then tranfer to buffer tank.
Directly underneath the buffer tank the main feed pump is placed which will pump the ingredient at the required capacity continuously supply to  the mixing head of  the aeration system.
The air, synchronised with the main pump, is injected into the mixing head at a rate as set from the control panel.  In the mixing head the pins of both the rotor and stator see to it that the air is homogeneously mixed with the ingredient down to the required density and structure. From the mixing head the aerated product is discharged towards the outlet piping for further processing.
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Small Aeration System A30 (Lab-scale/Small Production)



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Aeros to pass the machine
“Continuous aeration is a wellknown technology,mostly used in confectionery, pastries and milk products. In addition, the continuous amouth fel), homogenization and/or power mixing.The mixing head manufactured by Aeros has reached the world standard.The mixingautomation of the production process, saves more human resources, and reduces energy consumption and material waste. It is very imp
In the past, the production technology of mixing heads was very complex and expensive, but now Aeros can provide relatively cheap priture the mixing head, avoiding the complexity of the welding mixing needle process.
The rotor and stator of the mixing head are manufactured using a precision cutting process, with the following benefts:-The needles of the rotor and stator of the Aeros mixing head are not welded.
·The mixing head is made of a complete piece of material and is designed to be hard, so it is suitable for viscous products.·The smooth surface of the mixing head and the characteristics of no welding make it easier to clean after production.lmproved the design of the mixing head to make the size distribution of the foam more even.



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