Laminated and Mini Roll Cake Production Line

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  • A750 cake aeration system1.jpg
  • 标准层蛋糕瑞士卷3D示意图 .jpg
  • 56_Batter depositing on oven band 004 副本.jpg
  • 5 Cross cutter 副本.jpg
  • 8 layer cake Turning device 副本.jpg
  • 9  Aligning 副本.jpg
  • cream depositor 副本.jpg
Laminated and Mini Roll Cake Production Line
The system can use the continuous aeration process to transport the pre-mixed raw materials to the inflator, adjust the amount of air into the connection, mix the powder and air evenly, and reach the required product weight, density and structure. It is transported to the pouring head for extrusion molding and then to the oven. After baking, the cake is cooled, transported to the molding department for cutting, filling or coating with cream/jam/marshmallow, molding and decoration, etc. Different replacement parts can be used to produce cake styles of different sizes and shapes, giving full play to the advantages and superior performance of the production line. Coupled with fully automated production, it can save a lot of manpower and fully meet the certification requirements of hygiene and QS.
The system output is designed according to customer requirements and depends on the product formula and proportion. It can be used in all cake products, such as cupcakes, muffins, cookies, egg cakes, Mu Si, cream, etc.
Aeros System Production Process Overview
Weigh all raw materials in advance and put them in the pre-mixing tank (before starting the pre-mixing tank), and pour them into the mixing tank manually according to the sequence and weight required by the formula. When the mixing procedure is completed, turn on the conveying pump to pump the whole cylinder of cake slurry to the storage cylinder for production; at the same time, the mixer is ready to produce the next cylinder after the conveying is completed. The cake slurry in the storage cylinder will be pumped from the main pump at the bottom of the cylinder to the inflator according to the set output, and then enter the inflator mixing head for inflation.
The air and the main pump of synchronous control are fed into the mixing head according to the flow rate set by the main control version. The rotor in the mixing head and the needle bar of the stator mix the air and the cake slurry evenly to the required density and structure. The aerated cake slurry is transported from the mixing head to the pressure pouring machine and poured on the conveyor belt according to the quantity, and then baked and the rest of the finishing process.
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Laminated and Mini Roll Cake Production Line


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“Continuous aeration is a wellknown technology,mostly used in confectionery, pastries and milk products. In addition, the continuous amouth fel), homogenization and/or power mixing.The mixing head manufactured by Aeros has reached the world standard.The mixingautomation of the production process, saves more human resources, and reduces energy consumption and material waste. It is very imp
In the past, the production technology of mixing heads was very complex and expensive, but now Aeros can provide relatively cheap priture the mixing head, avoiding the complexity of the welding mixing needle process.
The rotor and stator of the mixing head are manufactured using a precision cutting process, with the following benefts:-The needles of the rotor and stator of the Aeros mixing head are not welded.
·The mixing head is made of a complete piece of material and is designed to be hard, so it is suitable for viscous products.·The smooth surface of the mixing head and the characteristics of no welding make it easier to clean after production.lmproved the design of the mixing head to make the size distribution of the foam more even.



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