Chocolate coating machine

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Chocolate coating machine
This machine can do chocolate coating for your products, such as cakes, marshmallows, cookies, chocolate pie and angel kiss, etc.
It can help you produce the world's most popular sweet.
The coating machine has many advantages and superior performance. In addition, automated production can save a lot of manpower and fully meet the requirements of hygiene and QS certification.
Chocolate coating machineProcess Description
The wrapping process involves placing the items on the conveyor belt of the coating machine, which is composed of wire mesh, into which the products to be coated are placed, and each container has drainage holes to recover excess chocolate. The coater keeps the chocolate at a controlled constant temperature and pumps the chocolate into the flow pan. The chocolate flows from the flow tray in a continuous coating area through which the product passes and is completely covered. The wire mesh conveyor belt then transports the coated finished product to a cooling area.
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Chocolate coating machine


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Aeros to pass the machine
“Continuous aeration is a wellknown technology,mostly used in confectionery, pastries and milk products. In addition, the continuous amouth fel), homogenization and/or power mixing.The mixing head manufactured by Aeros has reached the world standard.The mixingautomation of the production process, saves more human resources, and reduces energy consumption and material waste. It is very imp
In the past, the production technology of mixing heads was very complex and expensive, but now Aeros can provide relatively cheap priture the mixing head, avoiding the complexity of the welding mixing needle process.
The rotor and stator of the mixing head are manufactured using a precision cutting process, with the following benefts:-The needles of the rotor and stator of the Aeros mixing head are not welded.
·The mixing head is made of a complete piece of material and is designed to be hard, so it is suitable for viscous products.·The smooth surface of the mixing head and the characteristics of no welding make it easier to clean after production.lmproved the design of the mixing head to make the size distribution of the foam more even.



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