How to aerate aerated chocolate?

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     inflatable chocolateHow to add gas?

We have specially designed a set of chocolate continuous aeration system, which needs to be equipped with a temperature balancer to keep the material entering the inflator mixing head at a stable temperature, which is the key point to determine the successful production of aerated chocolate.


The chocolate continuous aeration system can provide more flexibility for chocolate production than vacuum processing. Through the rotor-stator principle, compressed air or carbon dioxide is injected into the chocolate ingredients at a specific pressure, so that the ingredients and gas are well mixed. In the production of chocolate products, this process allows the ingredients to be molded by extrusion or casting, and then the strip or aerated product is immersed in the unaerated chocolate slurry to complete the process. In fact, the expanded chocolate component can change the structure of the finished product. The volume structure of the finished product is exactly the same as that of normal density chocolate, which reduces the use of raw materials and reduces production costs.

Inflatable chocolate is becoming more and more popular because of its deliciousness.

so, chocolate is usually how to add gas?inflatable chocolateThe process involves high-performance mass flow control. When high-pressure gas is injected into the liquid chocolate to expand, bubbles are formed. The gas used is typically N2 or carbon dioxide. After the gas is injected, the liquid chocolate with the temperature change is moved into the mold, and then the pressure is reduced to allow the chocolate to cool. By adjusting the gas volume, the bubble size of the chocolate can be controlled, and reducing the pressure helps this process. As the chocolate cools, it solidifies, solidifying the bubbles in the chocolate matrix.

Inflatable chocolate