The use of automatic cake dispenser can improve the shelf life of the cake.

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  Automatic cake dispenserThe use of can improve the shelf life of the cake.

In the process of making cakes, it is necessary to weigh flour, eggs, sugar, oil and other raw materials in proportion, put them into a mixing barrel, and pre-mix them through a mixing device to form a batter. The batter is stirred and sent by the sending device, so that the raw materials generate bubbles and mix evenly, and then are transported to the forming machine and baking machine.


The automatic cake dispenser includes a premix cylinder, a storage cylinder, an automatic inflator and a filling machine.

Weighing all the raw materials in advance into the premix (before starting the premix), and pouring them into the blender by hand according to the order and weight required by the formula. After the mixing process is over, start the delivery pump to pump the entire surface slurry into the storage tank for production; at the same time, after the transportation is completed, the mixer is ready to produce the next batch of materials. In the storage cylinder, the batter will be pumped from the main pump at the bottom of the storage cylinder to the batter according to the set output; then it will enter the mixing head of the batter for inflation. According to the flow rate set by the main control panel, the main pump controlled synchronously with the air is fed to the mixing head. The rotor and stator needles in the mixing head uniformly mix the air with the cake paste to achieve the desired density and structure. The aerated cake paste is transported from the mixing head to the pouring machine and poured on the conveyor belt according to the quantity.

  Automatic cake dispenserIt integrates pre-mixing, storage and transportation, and can fully mix and transport the batter. Can be used for all cake products, such as lasagna, mini rolls, cupcakes, muffin cakes, cookies, egg cakes, mousse, cream, etc.

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