Layer cake Swiss roll production line features overview

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  Layer Cake Swiss Roll Production LineIt is mainly composed of mixer, oiler, grouting machine, gas steel belt tunnel furnace, reversing machine, cutting device, brush injection device, cake turning device, pressing device, cross cutting device, cooling conveyor belt, etc.

The working principle of the layer cake Swiss roll production line: the slurry is directly poured on the oiled steel belt and baked in the furnace. Mature to become a blank belt, landed after the terminal shovel and then transported from below. By this time, the cake strip had been turned over. When it is transported back to the bottom of the injection site, it rises from the slope to the working platform to be cut into strips longitudinally, filled with sandwich material, turned over one by one, pressed on the next, and then pressed slightly. After the crosscut, it's Opiri.

Layer cake Swiss roll production line features overview


After baking, the cake is coated with cream and jam and rolled into a Swiss roll or cut into a sandwich cake.

Technical Features of Layer Cake Swiss Roll Production Line:

1. Provide two sets of molding mechanisms to produce Swiss rolls and sandwich cakes; two sets of cream coating mechanisms can quickly change the taste of the product.

2. Steel belt oven adopts original 1000mm steel belt. Oven length 30m, baking time 7 minutes yield up to 600kg hours.

3. Electric heating furnace and gas heating furnace can be selected, which can adapt to different energy sources in different places and facilitate customers to control product costs.

Layer cake Swiss roll production line is suitable for conveying Swiss roll cake pulp. The turbine impeller is used to quickly and evenly mix eggs, flour, sugar, oil and other ingredients. They are then sent to the bucket for delivery. The mace-type conveying head is used to quickly cut the cake slurry and fill it with air to make the cake slurry expand evenly and have a stable structure. The produced cake has a beautiful appearance and a delicate taste.

The whole machine is made of stainless steel, which meets the hygienic requirements of food production, with beautiful appearance and convenient cleaning. Touch screen unified control, can store the mixing data of different products, easy to operate. In daily production, only one worker can complete the whole process of mixing and feeding cake materials, which is an important auxiliary equipment for the production of high-quality cake products and factory production.

  Layer Cake Swiss Roll Production LineIncluding mixing, extrusion, baking, filling, rolling, cutting, packaging. The machine adopts frequency conversion, light, electricity, gas computer full control, easy operation, food hygiene, long shelf life.

Layer Cake Swiss Roll Production Line