Cake automatic sending machine to improve efficiency

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Designed a set of small and medium-sized factoriesAutomatic cake dispenser, Including premixing cylinder, storage cylinder, automatic inflator, homogenizer and filling machine. The cake automatic sending machine can reduce labor costs, reduce waste of materials and materials, improve production efficiency, and stabilize product quality.


The automatic cake dispenser connected to the main pump includes:


The inverter controls the screw pump, the adjustable speed and the reading are displayed on the adjustable speed and the reading is displayed on the control panel screen.


Cake Automatic Dispenser Stainless Steel Pipe Connect Main Pump and Stirring Head.


The filter is connected to the front of the mixing head and is connected with a butterfly valve and a water outlet.


There are600Stainless steel mixing head, rotor and stator, effective volume is1.2l.


The stator can be cooled or heated.


Mechanical seal, water and oil distribution lubrication system.


Pneumatic mixing head pressure regulating valve.


Inverter control, adjustable speed and display, adjustable speed and display.


Manual air metering continuous flow meter.


Automatic air metering system connecting flow meter and liter/Minute reading table.


When the output of the main pump is changed, the product density can also be kept constant.


Automatically control the input pressure and pressure overpressure of the mixing head, and have an alarm.


The process control panel can be programmed, the screen displays all the data of the machine, and different recipes can be stored.


The control and parameters of the main pump and the mixing head are displayed on the control panel screen, and the control and parameters of the mixing head are displayed on the control panel screen.


Standard for automatic cake dispenserIP65Waterproof.


Inflator frame and housing made of stainless steel304Made.


  Automatic cake dispenserThe control panel is embedded on the inclined plane of the sending machine for easy operation and reading display.

Automatic cake dispenser