The working principle of the cake sending machine

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  cake makerThe working principle


The cake dispenser uses technologies ranging from pre-mixing and storage to high-speed delivery. The whole system consists of premixing system, storage system, conveying system, playingHairsystem and control system. With such a continuous conveying system, the cake raw materials can be stirred and conveyed in a short time, and the conveyed cake raw materials will be automatically conveyed to the cake grouting machine through the automatic conveying pipe, so that the batter can have the same proportion from the beginning to the end of the product. The problem of rough and unstable product quality produced by the egg beater is overcome.


The cake sending machine adopts rotor pump, screw pump and high-speed pumpHairHead, inflation pressure control and other advanced equipment and technology., The slurry can be stirred and transported in a short time. The conveying pipe outside the discharge port can automatically convey the conveyed slurry to the grouting machine, which can save a lot of manpower and mixing time. The density of the cake material sent by the cake dispenser is uniform and stable, and the produced cake has a more beautiful appearance and a more delicate taste.


There are many details to pay attention to when using a cake maker.


1. When using the cake maker, please lay it flat, not tilted, and control it well during use.


2. Pay attention to plugging and unplugging the power plug, keep the plug position, do not pull the power cord, so as not to damage the power cord.


3. When cleaning, you can follow our cleaning procedure.


4. Do not let the power cord hang in sharp places, such as table corners, door openings, etc., and do not let the power cord close to heated objects, stoves, heaters, etc.


5. When the product power cord is damaged, please do not usecake makerPlease replace professionals.

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