Introduction to the working principle and characteristics of the cake sending machine

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  cake makerTechniques used range from ready-mix and storage to high-speed pass-through. The whole system consists of premixing system, storage system, conveying system, sending system and control system. With this continuous batter system, the cake materials can be stirred and conveyed in a short time, and the conveyed cake materials can be automatically conveyed to the cake filling machine through the automatic conveying pipe. From start to finish, the batter can have the same proportions, overcoming the roughness of the product produced by the egg beater. Instable quality, short shelf life, poor taste and other defects. Make the product organization delicate and stable, good color, good taste, long shelf life, can save a lot of labor and mixing time, for you to save labor and time. The cake maker is also suitable for human-shaped baking, gong baking, egg yolk pie, mill castle cake, meat floss cake, Swiss roll, cake and other products.

cake to send the operation of the machine process:

First, turn on the cake sending machine, and the automatic system operation of all operating parameters, slurry conveying, sending ratio, etc. displayed on the display screen can also be converted into manual operation for cleaning.


2. storage tank insulation water can be maintained between 7 ℃-15 ℃, the weather will affect the texture of the cake batter (according to the factory's workshop environment to decide the choice). Then, the material in the storage cylinder will be pumped from the storage barrel to the sending machine for sending. In this way, the specific gravity of the batter can be adjusted according to the customer's needs. In the middle, people can be saved from handling and feeding, and continuous batching and conveying can be realized.

cake send machine features:

  cake makerIt takes about 1 minute to achieve low specific gravity (0.25) and low specific gravity (0.20). Dispensing machine can continuously mix ingredients, as well as continuous supply to the filling machine, greatly saving manpower. Employees can also directly operate the touch screen to view the status of the equipment.

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