Yalus Cake Inflation System Operation/Cleaning/Maintenance Guide

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Yaluscake aeration systemOperation/Cleaning/Maintenance Instructions

First, the inspection before starting up.

1. Before starting up, check whether the circuit is virtual connected, whether the screws of terminals and electrical components are tightened, and whether the ground wire is protected and grounded.

2. Check whether the pneumatic connection is correctly connected and whether the air pipe joint is tightly inserted.

2. power transmission and startup operation


1. Check the voltage and whether the phase sequence is correctly connected before power transmission (if the phase sequence is wrong, power off to adjust the phase sequence correctly.)

2. Check whether there is water in the lubrication water tank before starting, otherwise it cannot be turned on.

3. shutdown and power-off operation

1. Check whether there are any materials in the storage cylinder before shutdown. If there are any materials in the cylinder, the machine can only be shut down after the production is completed. (Note: When the remaining amount of materials is lower than the bottom of the storage cylinder, stop the machine immediately if no new materials are added, otherwise the raw material pump will dry out and burn out.)

2. Operation before shutdown: 1. Stop the raw material pump first. Stop the mixing head, three. Set the pressure setting of the pressure sleeve to "0" (Note: If the first step of the raw material pump is not stopped first, the mixing head cannot be stopped alone.)

3. Check whether there is any equipment running before power failure. If all equipment is in a shutdown state, power failure can be carried out. Otherwise, it is necessary to stop the running equipment before it can be powered off.

4. the operating procedures and steps for normal operation.

1. Before starting the machine, make sure that the water outlet valves at the back of the water machine are open, and it is forbidden to start the machine when there is no running water.

2. Turn on the main power supply.

3. Boot the initial screen.

4. Check whether there is water circulation in the lubrication water tank, and whether the water is clean and turbid and needs to be replaced.

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