What are the characteristics of cotton candy production line?

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  Cotton candy production lineWhat are the characteristics?

With the improvement of people's living standard, functional candy is very popular. Marshmallow production line equipment in line with food, medicine hygiene. The cotton candy production line equipment adopts stainless steel 304 and 316 materials, reaching the waterproof GMP35 grade. The whole machine adopts the cotton candy production line equipment processed by patented technology. The operating surface of the equipment is chamfered with circular arc to protect workers.

The marshmallow production line equipment can be made into monochrome, multi-color, twisted flowers, cartoons, ice cream, fruit fillings, etc.

Cotton candy production line equipment product characteristics


1. Servo pouring using PLC, the original gating system performance is more stable.

2. Programming automatic control of hot and cold temperature, time, heat preservation temperature and inflation speed;

3. Siemens large screen touch screen display process flow chart, each part of the working state, temperature, pouring speed and other parameters of the setting and display. More convenient for users to operate and master;

4. Frequency control sugar precise flow, sugar paste quality stability;

5. Servo control candy size, can replace the nozzle to make multi-color multi-pattern cotton candy;

6. Static mixer online to complete the flavor, pigment, acid quantitative filling and mixing;

7. Transfer chain belt, cooling system to ensure aging procedures;

8. Depending on the product, you can also add a filling topping as a filling product or marshmallow ice cream cup.

  Cotton candy production lineEquipment process flow: sol → sugar dissolving → adding additives → inflating → forming → powder sprinkling → aging → powder removal → packaging.

Cotton candy production line