Layer cake Swiss roll production line can produce a variety of products

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Design and supply completeLayer Cake Swiss Roll Production Lineto produce layer cake, Swiss roll, mini Swiss roll or loose cake products. From a market point of view, although sponge products and cake products are often considered similar products, their production processes are completely different. Layer cake Swiss roll production line professional equipment suppliers to provide high-quality equipment is not only a guarantee of quality, but also the embodiment of the production standards of these products.

All raw materials will be pre-weight and loaded. Before starting the pre-mixer, pour it into the mixing tank by hand according to the order and weight required by the formula.

When the mixing procedure is completed, the transfer pump pumps the whole cylinder of slurry to the transfer cylinder. The main pump at the bottom of the transfer cylinder pumps the cream to the mixing head in the set quantity. Air and synchronous control of the main pump, according to the master version set by the amount of filling into the mixing head. The rotor and stator needles in the mixing head of the layer cake Swiss roll production line mix the air and cake slurry evenly to the required density and structure. The aerated cake slurry is transported from the mixing head to the pressure pouring machine on the oven belt to continuously coat a layer of batter directly on the oven belt.


Layer cake Swiss roll production line sprinkling sugar function can be used in the production of more complex products. By specially designed equipment, grease the oven belt to ensure that the baked products can be completely separated from the baking belt. The baking phase usually takes about 6 to 7 minutes and is crucial for the smooth uniform formation of the sponge.

After baking, the sponge can be cooled by an embedded overhead conveyor belt, or by a cooling conveyor belt placed under the oven, the latter mainly for space saving.

The sponge sheet then enters the process decoration stage, I .e. a plurality of cutting devices cut it longitudinally and inject alcohol and/or cream (if necessary).Layer Cake Swiss Roll Production LineThe product can be rolled up manually or automated to increase labor productivity or reduce labor costs.

Layer Cake Swiss Roll Production Line