Features of marshmallow production line

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  Cotton candy production lineAdopt domestic and foreign technology design and development. The cotton candy production line is easy to operate and can be matched with different yields. By changing the mold, you can make a variety of cotton candy, such as bar, block, jam chocolate sandwich and so on. The production line consists of sugar boiling, aeration, extrusion, cooling and molding equipment.

Features of marshmallow production line

1. Automatic system

Marshmallow automatic production line from boiling sugar to forming does not need to touch the product, the product quality is better and more hygienic.

2. Save manpower cost

The marshmallow automatic production line saves a lot of staff workload. The traditional process requires manual picking up the marshmallow and then sending it for cooling and aging. Our new process does not require any more complicated work.


3. Dust removal system

Our cotton candy line can be equipped with a bird removal system to make the production environment cleaner and the products more hygienic.

4. Product stability

With our leading inflatable technology, the product can maintain a high level of stability and improve the quality of the product.

Cotton candy production line