Benefits of cream whipping machine

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  cream whipperMainly used in candy, cakes and dairy products. In addition, the creamer can be used in other ways to improve the product (texture and taste), homogenization and/or dynamic mixing. The mixing head manufactured by Yalus has reached the world standard. The mixing head includes a rotor and a stator. The use of cream whipping machine promotes the automation of the production process, saves more human resources, reduces energy consumption and material waste. This is of great significance for cost saving and environmental protection. In the past, the production process of the mixing head was very complicated and expensive. But now, Yarus has been able to offer relatively cheap prices. Mainly because Yalus uses cutting technology to manufacture the mixing head, avoiding the complexity of the welding mixing needle process. The rotor and stator of the mixing head are manufactured by a cutting process.

Cream hair machine has the following benefits:

The needles of the rotor and stator of the Yalus mixing head are not welded.

The mixing head is made of a whole piece of material and is designed to be hard and suitable for viscous products.

The mixing head has a smooth surface and no welding, making it easier to clean after production.


The design of the mixing head is improved to make the particle size distribution of the foam more uniform.

Can use stainless steel SUS 304 or 316.

It is easier to clean and can be cleaned with chemicals when needed.

A set of cream whipping machine is designed for small and medium-sized factories, including pre-mixing cylinder, storage cylinder, automatic inflator, homogenizer and pouring machine equipment. The system can reduce labor costs, reduce material waste, improve production efficiency, and stabilize product quality.

This kindcream whipperThe design output is 150-450kg per hour. According to the formula and proportion of the product, it can be used for all cake products, such as layer cakes, mini rolls, cupcakes, muffins, mousse, cream, etc.

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