The composition structure of the cream whipping machine and the main pump.

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  cream whipperThe main pump includes:

1. The frequency converter of the cream whipping machine controls the screw pump, and the adjustable speed reading is displayed on the screen of the control panel.

2. The stainless steel pipe is connected to the main pump and the stirring head.

3. The filter is connected to the front of the mixing head, with butterfly valve and drain port.

4. cream whipping machine stainless steel stirring head.

5. The stator can be cooled or heated.

6. Mechanical seals, water and oil dual-purpose lubrication system.


7. Pneumatic stirring head pressure regulating valve.

8. Direct drive.

9. Cream whipping machine inverter control, adjustable speed with display adjustable speed with display.

10. Manual air metering with flow meter.

11. Automatic air metering system with flow meter and liter/minute reading meter. When changing the output of the main pump, the product density can also be guaranteed.

12. Input pressure and mixing head pressure overpressure automatic control with alarm.

13. The process control panel can be compiled, the screen displays all the data of the machine, and can store different formulas.

14. The main pump, mixing head control and parameters are displayed on the control panel screen. The mixing head control and parameters are displayed on the control panel screen.

15. Automatic density control, including flow meter, digital display, input the original density of the product and the required density, automatic calculation and control of gas, parameters displayed on the screen.

16. The main pump and mixing head speed synchronous control.

17. The waterproof standard of cream hair machine IP65.

18. The inflator frame and housing are made of stainless steel 304.

  19.cream whipperThe control panel is embedded on the inclined plane of the inflator for easy control and reading display.

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