Overview of the production process of cream hair machine

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Weigh all raw materials in advance and put them in the pre-mixing tank of the cream mixer (before starting the pre-mixer), pour them into the mixing tank manually according to the order and weight required by the formula. Whencream whipperAfter the mixing procedure is completed, the delivery pump is turned on to pump the whole cylinder of milk to the storage cylinder for production. At the same time, after the delivery is completed, the cream whipper is ready to produce the next cylinder of material. The cream in the storage cylinder will be pumped from the main pump at the bottom of the cylinder to the temperature averager according to the set output, and then enter the mixing head of the inflator for aeration. The air and the main pump of synchronous control are fed into the mixing head according to the flow rate set by the main control version. The rotor and stator pins in the mixing head of the cream mixer mix the air and cake slurry evenly to the required density and structure. The aerated cream is conveyed from the mixing head to the pressure pouring machine and poured in portions onto the conveyor belt, wafer or biscuit.

Technical indicators of cream hair machine


The cream mixer can produce 150-450kg per hour, depending on the product formula and specific gravity, and can be used on all cake products, such as layer cake, mini roll, cup cake, snow Fang, muffin cake, cookie, egg cake, mousse, cream, etc.

Designed for medium and small factories to design a set of continuous cream automatic aeration system,cream whipperIncluding pre-mixing cylinder, storage and storage cylinder, automatic inflator, temperature averager and pouring machine equipment, etc. The system can reduce manpower cost, reduce material waste, improve production efficiency and stabilize product quality.

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