Cream whipping machine: how to observe the whipping state of whipped cream

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       cream whipper: How to observe the whipping state of whipped cream

Whipped cream is done with a cream whipper.

Pour the cream whipped by the cream whipping machine into a clean container for use, and add a certain proportion of sugar to adjust the taste before whipping. Here, it is necessary to explain that whipped cream is eaten in a refrigerated state.

Observe the state of the cream and pay careful attention to the lines on the surface. Pull up a slightly curved sharp corner, which is 70%. If the sharp corners are soft, or if the sharp corners are too hard and have no radian, you have not played enough or too much.


What if the cream is over-whipped

There are two cases of excessive whipping of the cream whipping machine mentioned here: one is the direct waste of cream and the separation of oil and water into slag. Another is that the cream is slightly beaten, a little rough, but it affects the use.

1. Find a larger basin to pour hot water, be careful not to overheat, and then heat and stir the whipped cream through the water to make the oil and water stir together again and become smooth. Then put it in the refrigerator for a while and let it cool completely. This can remedy the whipped cream that should have been wasted, but the effect will definitely be affected. When the cream machine is used to make cream, watch carefully and stop the machine in time to avoid waste.

2. a common occurrence, as whipped cream tends to beat a little hard. You can take out fresh light cream, pour some in, turn it over with a soft spatula, and the cream will be smooth again. But be careful not to pour too much, it will destroy the original proportion of whipped cream. If the cream becomes rough after a while, don't use this method again, because it will collapse faster next time. It is recommended to control the amount of cream andcream whipperTo avoid the separation of oil and water caused by oxidation and excessive stirring of cream.

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