Analysis of the difference between the characteristics and operation modes of the cake automatic sending machine and the cream automatic filling machine

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  1In the process of making the cake, the quality of the cake slurry determines the quality of the cake product, and the cake automatic sending machine is mainly suitableByThere arecake, the production capacity reached300-1000kg/Hours.


  2, cake automatic send machine advanced technology, can automatically complete the slurry mixing, storage,Hithair, and deliveredNotePulp machine, usingPLCThe control system can save and manage hundreds of different product parameters and recipes, and can produce different types of sponge cakes, chiffon cakes, meat floss cakes,TreasureFor cake products such as egg cakes, the equipment has a high degree of automation, stable machine operation, and uniform cake proportion.


Cake Automatic Dispenser Composition


  1The cake automatic sending machine adopts the advanced from mixing and cooling to passtechnology, the entire system consists of a material delivery system, a material storage system, aHairDepartmentSystem composition, continuous playHairThe system can stir and transport the cake in a short timeslurry, The cake material conveyed through the automatic feeding pipe is conveyed to the cake forming machine, and the product can have the same specific gravity from the beginning to the end.


  2The cake automatic sending machine adopts automatic inflationDepartmentsystem, can be divided into eggs or whole eggs according to user needsHitHair, Overcome the defects of rough products, unstable quality, short shelf life, and poor taste produced by the egg beater, making the product organization finer and more stable.


cake automatic send machine features:


  1, cake automatic send machine suitable for gongs, egg yolk pie,marginThe production of various cakes such as treasure cake, Swiss roll, sponge cake, meat floss cake, etc.


  2The cake automatic sending machine is suitable for the production of all kinds of cakes, such as causeway, egg yolk pie, Swiss roll, sponge cake, meat floss cake and a series of cake production.


  3The cake automatic disbursement machine is adopted.FromMoveInflatable hitHairtechnology, from stirring coolingHitThe whole system consists of material input system, material storage system,Hitcomposition of the hair system.


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