Simple explanation of the characteristics of the automatic cream production line

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   Fully automaticCreampass the production lineProductionCreamwords, will become smooth, delicate taste


In recent years, with the improvement of consumption level and the upgrading of consumption structure, the baking industry such as cake and bread has risen rapidly, and the baking industry has entered"Highway", with the rapid rise of the baking industry, decorating cakes, bread,MousseAnd the demand for other products has increased sharply. The fully automatic chiffon cake production line has improved the efficiency and quality of the cake machine, greatly reduced the labor intensity, and provided bakery lovers with soft, smooth and delicateProductionproduct.


MilkOil MasterIf throughInflatable hitHairget milkOilAnd made of dairy products, we often see in the industry is mainly fat milk.


In fact, whether it is milk.OilOr other milk.Oil, as milkOilCake, milkOilWhen using the raw materials of food such as pudding and mousse, they all need to be used.the milk of passingOil, especially milkOilPudding, milkOilMountedFlower EggCake, mousse, etc.


Put the milkOilPut it in a relatively low temperature state and then send it, otherwise, even if the milkOilIt becomes sticky and can't pass the milk.OilPudding or milkOilMountedFlowersNecessary soft shapes such as cakes, milked only by handOilIt takes a lot of time and energy to pass the milk.OilThe process also requires continuous observation of milk.OilofshapeConditions, adjusted according to the situationHitThe timing of the hair and the strength of the arm, in this case, to pass the milkOilQuality is difficult to guarantee.


In recent years, the cake, bread and other baking industry has developed rapidly, the baking industry into the growth"Expressway", the future industry has great development potential, statistics show that,2018The scale of China's baking industry will reach4790Billions of dollars, expected2020The year will reach5600The huge scale of the baking industry has also brought opportunities for baking equipment such as cake machines. Now,HitThe transmitter has changed from handheld to fully automatic, and the degree of automation has been greatly improved.


Fully automaticCreampass the production lineWith HandheldHitHairmachine compared to fully automaticCreamThe production line greatly improves the use of milk.OilEfficiency, which further reduces labor intensity, does not need to be judged frequently according to the degree of transmission, and can also adjust the speed and time of transmission at any time. More importantly, fully automaticCreamUse of the production lineInsulationTechnology, can maintain a certain low temperature mixing cream, timely adjust the speed, milkOilThe amount of foam is large and uniform to ensure that the milkOilDelicate taste, soft and smooth, with the increase of residents' income and the upgrading of consumption structure, China'sBakingBakingLineThe size of the industry continues to increase, and in recent years, the compound annual growth rate of bakery food consumption in China has exceeded11%At that time, fully automatic.CreamThe production line will also continue to take the development of the baking industry."Highway" to further reduce labor intensity, save a lot of manual mixing time, and introduce soft, smooth and delicate milkOilProducts.

Qifeng cake production line, full-automatic Qifeng cake production line