The working principle of the cake automatic sending machine

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     Automatic cake dispenserThe series adopts a combined structure, introduces advanced technology, from stirring and cooling to baking, and can be adjusted by frequency conversion according to customer needs. A series of defects such as rough products, poor taste, short shelf life and unstable quality are solved. The product organization produced by the cake automatic sending machine is more delicate and stable, with good color, good taste and long shelf life. The cake automatic baking machine is suitable for baking, gongs, swiss rolls, egg yolk pie, treasure cake, meat floss cake and other products. It is a baking equipment for the automatic production of baking food enterprises.


     Cake automatic sending machine from stirring cooling to aerating beatingHairThe whole system consists of premixing system, storage system and inflation system.Hairsystem composition. With the automatic cake dispenser, the cake ingredients can be stirred and beaten in a short time.Hair, To ensure that the batter has the same specific gravity from beginning to end, overcoming the problems of rough products, unstable quality, and short shelf life.


     The cake automatic discharging machine adopts rotor pump, screw pump and mixing head to inflate and beat.HairThe cake ingredients can be stirred and beaten in a short time.Hair. The delivery pipe of the discharge port can automatically send the batter to the grouting machine, which can save a lot of manpower and mixing time. The batter tissue density of the cake automatic batter is uniform and stable, and the appearance of the cake is more beautiful and the taste is more delicate.


     Features of automatic cake sending machine:


     The cake automatic displacing machine uses the world's advanced cooling, ventilation and high-speed beating technology. The whole equipment consists of mixing system, storage system, cooling system, conveying system, mixing system and control system. After stirring, beat by aerationHairto ensure that the product is well organized. Stable quality, soft taste, long shelf life is the inevitable choice of many large enterprises.


     1.Cake automatic pass machine products uniform, smooth, beautiful, imitation handmade taste good


     2.Control the speed of the mixing head, can be adjusted for different effects


     3.The cake automatic sending machine is more convenient to operate, saving manpower costs


     4.Flexible production line(That is, different peripheral equipment can be used to produce different products.)


     5.Do not destroy batter tissue, maintain ideal temperature


     Automatic cake dispenserApplicable:Sponge cake, Swiss roll, steamed cake, golden cake, treasure cake, egg yolk pie, etc.

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