Let me introduce to you the characteristics and development trend of the full-automatic chiffon cake production line.

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Let me introduce to you the characteristics and development trend of the full-automatic chiffon cake production line.

The development trend of the full-automatic chiffon cake production line

Fully automatic chiffon cake production line: the basic principle of cake processing

The volume principle of (I) cake

The principle of cake expansion is mainly the result of changes in physical properties. It uses mechanical stirring to make air fully enter the dough, heat it, expand the air, and make the dough volume sparse and expand.

1. Volume of protein


Eggs are composed of egg white and egg yolk. The protein is a viscous colloid with foaming property. When the protein liquid is whipped rapidly and continuously, the protein liquid is filled with air to form small bubbles, which are evenly wrapped in the protein film. When the air expands after heating, it will not rupture due to the toughness of the colloidal substance.

Therefore, excessive tapping will destroy the toughness of the protein colloidal material and reduce the ability to retain gas.

2. The volume principle of cream

When making a cream cake, when sugar and cream are mixed together, a large amount of air will be mixed in the cream to produce bubbles. If you continue to add egg liquid to stir, the bubbles in the oil and egg material will increase. These bubbles will expand due to heat, the volume of the cake will become larger and the dough will become soft.

(2) the principle of curing cake

The ripening of the product is carried out at high temperature. The water contained in the product evaporates when heated, the bubbles expand when heated, the starch pastes when heated, the loosening agent decomposes when heated, the gluten protein is denatured and solidified when heated, fixed, the cake volume becomes larger, and the product matures.

The full-automatic Qifeng cake production line adopts aluminum drum circulation mode, with 6 pairs of cake brackets, advanced gas stove, air insulation layer and liquefied petroleum gas heating mode, which has the function of saving time and labor. A multi-functional machine and a machine can produce 6 kinds of cakes with different shapes and flavors at the same time. The product has the characteristics of high efficiency, safety and reliability.

It is reported that my country's food machinery and equipment industry began in the early 1980 s. Since its development, there have been nearly 7000 food packaging machinery manufacturers nationwide. Food machinery and equipment have become one of the 10 pillar industries of my country's machinery industry. Since entering the new century, China's food industry has grown at an average rate of more than 20% for 10 consecutive years. In recent years, with the rapid development of society, the prosperity of the commodity economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the increase in the purchasing power of food directly drives the demand for related food machinery, and also provides valuable development opportunities. The development needs of cake manufacturers have shown a broad market prospect for the food machinery industry, and the sales volume is steadily increasing, becoming the future market development trend.

In recent years, China has increased efforts to strengthen food machinery, with the acceleration of the pace of people's daily work, the enrichment of nutritious food, and the improvement of environmental awareness, the future development of food machinery in China is still in the hands of many enterprises. With the support of government preferential policies, enterprises firmly adhere to these aspects. I believe that in the near future, we will see new highlights of China's food machinery, food machinery manufacturers are getting rid of the impression of a large number of products and low-tech content, meeting market demand, and developing in the direction of multi-function and intelligence. Modern consumers are pursuing rich food tastes. Compared with the finished products of cake making machines, customers will The food production has multiple varieties, small batches, diversification, and multiple switching functions, which can meet the changes of various molds in food machinery and meet the development needs of the market.

Full-automatic chiffon cake production line