quality Twist Mallow production line factory introduces the production knowledge of hemp flower

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Do you know how to make cannabis flowers? Follow the editor of the quality Twist Mallow production line factory to have a simple look!
1. Ingredients: 2g salt, 5g sugar, 250g flour, 4g baking powder, 1 egg, 15g oil, 130g warm water, 1g baking soda
Second, the practice
1. Except for yeast and warm water, put all the ingredients in a basin.
2. Stir the ingredients evenly with chopsticks.
3. Melt the yeast with warm water, pour it into the basin, and stir while pouring.
4. Then mix it into a dough, cover it, and make it.
5. About 1 hour, the dough will be twice as big.
6. Put the dough in the food bag, roll it into a large slice, and let it stand for about 15 minutes.
7. Remove the food bag and cut the dough into strips.
8. Make each strip long, twist both ends to the left and right, then fold and twist in half.
9. Fold in half into a twist shape.
10. Make everything well, and then cover it up for about half an hour.
11. Heat wide oil in a frying spoon. When the oil is about 150 degrees hot, put in the good twists and fry them. Flip frequently, the twists will become puffed up, and the color will be golden and ripe.
12. Take out oil control, delicious hemp flowers, and eat it cold or hot.
The above is the editor of the quality Twist Mallow production line factory: a brief introduction to the production knowledge of twist.