Wholesale Cake continuous aerating machine introduces the basics of cake machine

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How much do you know about the cake machine? Wholesale Cake continuous aerating machine editor will take you to a brief understanding.
A household cake maker comprises a shell, an inner pot and a cover, a pressure sensor is arranged inside the shell, the inner pot is above the pressure sensor, an electric heating plate is arranged under the inner pot, a control panel is arranged on the shell, and the control panel A liquid crystal display screen is set on the top; the control panel and the liquid crystal display screen are electrically connected with the controller in the casing. The weight of the material added in the inner tank can be measured through the pressure sensor and displayed on the liquid crystal display screen, thereby helping the user to determine the Add the amount of materials, and can complete the stirring of the materials in the inner tank, and the electric heating plate can bake the cake.
The above is the editor of Wholesale Cake continuous aerating machine: a brief introduction to the knowledge of the cake machine.