Muffin Production line Wholesale Price tells the special knowledge of muffins

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A muffin is a type of cake, usually with baking powder or baking soda as a baking enzyme. It has balloon-like properties that hold air and expand with the tension of the air without bursting. So how much do you know about other knowledge about it? The editor of Muffin Production line Wholesale Price will take you to a brief look at it.
The substance produced by adding water and stirring the flour has good stretchability and elasticity. When making muffins, flour is the main material. The wet gluten formed by mixing flour with water into dough will generate water vapor after being baked in the oven and heated. The higher the baking humidity, the greater the water vapor pressure, and the greater the expansion force of the wet gluten. This layer of surface layer is continuously heated and expanded until the water in the gluten is completely dried. In this way, the volume of the product is also expanded eight to ten times compared with the original. The second point is the expansion factor, which is a structural material with the ability to generate layers. The so-called layered structural material means that the muffin dough must first put a lot of regular layers of oil into the dough when it is operated. Layers of oil and layers of dough are isolated from each other, forming regular dough layers and layers of oil, which will complement each other after being baked and heated in the oven. First, the moisture in the wet gluten is heated to produce water vapor expansion force, and the lower layer of skin will have a complementary effect. The water vapor pressure produced swells the upper layer of dough, and gradually grows up layer by layer, and then the oil in the layers is heated and melted and penetrates into the gluten to replace the original water, making the dough of each layer become Fluffy and puffy, then becomes a delicious and puffy muffin.
The above is the editor of Muffin Production line Wholesale Price: a brief introduction to the special knowledge about muffins.