Demystifying the process of the marshmallow production line

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Marshmallow production line, first to prepare malt paste and other materials, mix them together, and stir in the pot. Next, put the mixture into a mold, add the edible color and flavor, and then use a machine to mix them together, and then apply a layer of powdered sugar. Wrap the marshmallows, thus completing a sweet marshmallow.

Of course, making cotton candy is also a job that requires technology. Employees on the cotton candy production line need to master accurate sugar temperature, color, taste and shape control skills, and they also need to have sufficient knowledge of food hygiene. This requires workers to be careful, cautious and patient, but at the same time, they should care for each other like a big family and pay attention to the cooperation of the team.

The working environment is good, colleagues live in harmony, coupled with delicious marshmallows, the marshmallow production line is simply a happy city. Whether it is the production process or the interpersonal relationship of employees, it is so wonderful that people want to think about such a beautiful workplace as much as possible.

When you eat a marshmallow with gorgeous colors, tender taste, sweet and delicious, think about the people who made it. They work happily, happily and diligently, and pass their happiness to the taste buds. You.

Cotton candy is a snack that many people like. It tastes soft and sweet, and it is very enjoyable to eat. So, cotton candy is how to make it? Next, we come to reveal the mysterious process of cotton candy production line.

The raw materials needed to make marshmallow are granulated sugar, glucose, gelatin, starch, water and so on. These raw materials are mixed together in a certain proportion to form the paste required for marshmallows.

After the above raw materials are mixed together, stirring is required. The stirring time is not long, only a certain degree of mixing is required.

After the stirring is completed, the mixed raw materials are put into a heating tank and heated. The heating time and temperature need to be strictly controlled, generally need to continue to boil for about 30 minutes.

After heating, the starch and gum in the raw material have been completely dissolved to form a syrup. At this time, you need to use professional equipment, the syrup into the air to form a foam, and then cool and set.

After the marshmallow is made, it needs to be packaged. Usually use aluminum foil bags, plastic bags and other packaging methods to ensure the freshness of cotton candy.

After the packaging is completed, strict quality testing is also required. For taste, color, smell and other aspects of testing to ensure the quality of marshmallow.

The prepared marshmallow has a soft taste and sweet fragrance, which makes people can't help but bite after bite. I hope everyone in the purchase of cotton candy, pay more attention to the brand and quality, enjoy the pure taste.

The above is the whole process of the cotton candy production line, has it opened your eyes? While enjoying the food, we should also pay attention to the production process behind it to ensure food safety.


Cotton candy production line