Understand the whole process of the marshmallow production line

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The marshmallow production line has always been one of the favorite snacks of many people, and its production process is also a fine production process. From the selection of raw materials to processing and packaging, every link requires rigorous operation. The raw materials white sugar, honey bee sugar and starch need to be weighed quantitatively to ensure a reasonable proportion. The temperature of syrup frying is also very critical, and the balance of time and temperature needs to be mastered.

Marshmallow is memorable through its sweet taste. When tasting, we should also have an in-depth understanding of the production line and choose the right manufacturer to ensure the development of our own health and environmental protection. Marshmallow, its soft texture, changeable taste and colorful colors often make it the favorite candy of sugar-loving friends. It is made of syrup and fiber core, because the syrup in the production process needs to constantly change the temperature, so the cotton candy production line will generally use automated process to ensure the production effect.

The production of syrup is a marshmallow production line. After mixing the raw materials such as granulated sugar and glucose syrup, add some water to mix. Then, the mixture is heated, and after reaching a specific temperature, food coloring and flavor are added, and the syrup is finished. The core is the core part of the cotton candy and an important part of the cotton candy production line. After mixing starch powder with syrup, it is processed by algorithms such as air extraction, and finally becomes the fiber marshmallow core. In this process, the hardness, elasticity and texture of the core are precisely controlled, which provides an important guarantee for the taste of the candy.

After the core and syrup are completed, the key part of the marshmallow production line is to accurately integrate the two. This process is generally called deep drawing, which is to stretch and gradually deform the core and syrup together to produce the shape and size of the marshmallow. After the cotton candy form is formed, it is also necessary to carry out sugar powder, coconut, chocolate coating and other treatments on the surface to increase the delicious temptation. The key link at the end of the marshmallow production line is to make good marshmallow packaging and preservation. In order to maintain the taste and freshness of the marshmallow, the packaging materials have certain requirements on the physical properties of the marshmallow and the equivalent of heat preservation and moisturizing.

We believe that with the development of technology, the automatic process of cotton candy production will be better controlled and optimized, so that we can better enjoy the delicious taste of this candy.


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