Introduction to the composition of aerated chocolate

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    inflatable chocolateA storage-resistant confectionery product having a chocolate core and a sugar-based outer shell coating, characterized in that the chocolate core has dispersed therein air bubbles having an average diameter of less than 25 microns. In the production of aerated chocolate, the aeration temperature and time should be controlled to make the cocoa butter in the rapid crystallization stage.

The aerated chocolate is composed of a sandwich mixing cylinder, a transfer pump, a sandwich storage cylinder, a raw material pump, a temperature balancer, a continuous inflator, a combination of cold and hot water machines, etc.


The bubble structure in aerated chocolate is determined by the type of gas injected. Water-soluble gases provide the air structure with invisible bubbles, and conversely, nitrogen creates very good, invisible bubbles. Aerated chocolate will melt faster in the mouth. The taste of chocolate is also more released better. Due to the light feel and air structure, there is no need to chew laboriously. Use cheap ingredients to improve your chocolate: gas. In order to form the correct crystal structure in chocolate, the temperature used is what you need to choose. It provides you with continuous tempering and is maintained in complete precise temperature and composition control. When the product is injected with gas, the measurement does not show pressure changes. We have developed a wide range of storage facilities to handle their fragile products. The storage equipment works under pressure and ensures that the pore structure of the product remains unchanged during storage. Your product will only expand after storage to form large and beautiful bubbles in the chocolate product.


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