Wholesale Cake aeration machine price

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It is used for Wholesale Cake aeration machine price, including feed pipe, discharge pipe, case and console, blowing head and cooling device arranged in the case, and both the blowing head and the cooling device are electrically connected to the The console, the blowing head is provided with a feeding port and a discharging port, the feeding port is connected with the feeding pipe, the discharging port is connected with the discharging pipe, and the outside of the blowing head is also A cooling cavity is provided, and the cooling cavity is communicated with the cooling device through a refrigerating liquid inlet pipe and a refrigerating liquid return pipe. Compared with the prior art, the utility model provides a cooling cavity outside the hair dryer, and utilizes the refrigerating liquid inlet pipe. The liquid pipe, the refrigeration return pipe and the cooling device form a circulating cooling system. Therefore, it can prevent the heat generated by the blowing head during the blowing process, avoid affecting the mixing effect of the slurry due to the rise in temperature, and reduce the maintenance cost. .
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