Chocopie Production line tells how to choose chocolate

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Do you know how to choose chocolate? Follow the editor of Chocopie Production line to have a simple understanding!
1. Look at the ingredients
Look at the content of cocoa butter.
2. Look at the appearance
A good chocolate has a neat appearance, a bright, smooth, delicate and even surface, and there are no bubbles (pores) after being broken. Pure chocolate is brown; top pure chocolate has the same color as cocoa beans and is reddish brown; milk chocolate is slightly lighter in color and golden brown; white chocolate is generally cream yellow.
3. Look at the melting point
This requires us to do an experiment. First, pour two cups of hot water, put the cocoa butter substitute chocolate and the chocolate with high cocoa butter content into two hot water cups and shake, you will find that the cocoa butter melts faster. This is because the melting point of cocoa butter is around 34 to 38 degrees, so it is solid at room temperature and melts in the mouth. Cocoa butter substitutes are refined through hydrogenation or selective hydrogenation of vegetable oils, so the melting point is relatively high and the melting is slower.
So when we buy chocolate, in addition to looking at the ingredient list, fast-melting chocolate can also show that the content of cocoa butter is higher (but not absolutely, it requires comprehensive judgment).
The above is the story of Chocopie Production line editor: a brief introduction to the knowledge about the selection method of chocolate.