Structure of latex chemical foaming machine

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  latex chemical foaming machineStructure

Latex chemical foaming machine is an important mechanical equipment in latex machinery. The latex chemical foaming machine is composed of foaming machine head, glue injection pump, motor, reducer, metering pump and electric control system. Latex chemical foaming machine is a professional equipment for the production of latex products. Natural latex collected from rubber tree, with ammonia preservation, mixing. It can produce foam products with uniform ratio and qualified additives, such as accelerator, vulcanizing agent, antioxidant, etc., and can produce foam latex products according to chemical changes. In the actual operation of the latex chemical foaming machine, the hair head of the latex foaming machine needs to be cleaned regularly. When in use, the air source, water source and power supply must be turned on to ensure that the ingredients can foam directly. In the actual operation of the latex foaming machine, it is necessary to weigh the amount of small materials added in proportion, and then set the size of small materials and air on the computer operation screen, which must be set appropriately. This setting is related to the density of the latex foam. The air enters too much, which makes the foam output large, and the latex products produced are particularly soft and the density is very small. This formula controls the ratio of small material to air.

The core components of the structure of the latex chemical foaming machine are the rubber pump system and the computer operating system.


  latex chemical foaming machineHow to operate?

Preparation stage: prepare latex and mix small material foaming. Mix according to the proportion of the formula and put it into the liquid mixing tank for later use.

1. Ensure the smooth supply of water, gas and electricity.

2. Enter the latex formula into the computer system of the latex chemical foaming machine. Click Power On to begin. Set the grinding speed of the foaming machine. It can run at low speed at the beginning, and the speed can be adjusted after the gas source and liquid flow in.

3. During the foaming process, the foaming ratio of the latex can be monitored at any time. The amount of liquid is collected randomly with a cup and weighed and measured.

4. The foamed latex liquid is injected into the corresponding latex product mold for foaming. After normal foaming, you need to observe the metering pump, glue injection pump and gas at any time.

Latex chemical foaming machine