Chiffon Cake Production Line: Dummle to Make Cream Slippery

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  Automatic cake dispenserAdopt advanced aeration and high-speed beating technology. The whole cake automatic sending machine equipment is composed of mixing system, storage system, conveying system, sending system and control system. After mixing, the flour paste is quickly aerated to reach the required specific gravity to ensure good product organization. Stable quality, soft taste, long shelf life is the inevitable choice of many large enterprises.


Features of automatic cake sending machine


1. The product is uniform, smooth, beautiful, with a good imitation handmade taste.


2. Control the speed of the delivery pump to prevent the host from breaking or blocking due to too fast delivery speed or too slow delivery speed.


3. Through the stator and rotor will be high-speed material sent.


4. The quality of the product is stable; it has the function of synchronous speed regulation and calculation of gas volume.


5. cake automatic send machine operation more convenient.


6. Flexible production line (that is, different peripheral equipment can produce different products).


7. Automatic cake dispenser will not destroy the dough tissue and maintain the ideal temperature.


Dispel machine application: sponge cake, Swiss roll, steamed cake, gold cake, tribute baked, egg yolk pie, etc.


The specific operation instructions and precautions of the hair machine.


1. Professional and technical personnel should check the cake automatic sending machine equipment before use:


2. Power supply: three-phase 380V neutral ground wire adopts three-phase five-wire power supply line, and the power line adopts more than 6 square meters power supply.


3. The protective cover should be installed according to the manufacturer's corresponding size. The position of the limit switch is adjusted and turned on according to the wire number.


4. The grouting machine is connected with the conveying pipeline.


5. Air supply (the air supply pressure of ordinary air compressor is above 6kg, and the cake automatic discharger equipment has been equipped with oil-water separator).


6. OpenAutomatic cake dispenserPower and wait for the display program to resume (3 -5 seconds). Check the inside of the cylinder for sundries. If any, clean up immediately.


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